The Shadow Recreations
Modern-day recordings of episodes of the old time radio show The Shadow

These are recreations of episodes of the old time radio show The Shadow, recorded from 2016 to 2019.

  1. Red Macaw (unknown file size)
  2. Danger in the Dark (unknown file size)
  3. Murder by the Dead (unknown file size)
  4. Death Rides the Skyway (unknown file size)
  5. The Curse of Baldring Heights (unknown file size)
  6. Death Goes Fishing (unknown file size)
  7. The Immortal Murderer (unknown file size)
  8. The Ghost on Horseback (unknown file size)
  9. The Face of Death (unknown file size)
  10. The Case of the River of Eternal Woe (unknown file size)
  11. The Case of the River of Eternal Woe (unknown file size)
  12. The Curse of the Great Nirvan (unknown file size)
  13. no title (26.1Mb)
  14. Career in Crime (unknown file size)
  15. The Golden Deceiver (unknown file size)
  16. The Ten Thousand Dollar Fish (unknown file size)
  17. Revenge by Special Delivery (unknown file size)
  18. Struggle with Death (unknown file size)
  19. 1954-04-18 - The Bells of St. Peters (Recreation 9-30-2017) (32.8Mb)
  20. Horror In the Night (unknown file size)
  21. The Master of Torture (unknown file size)
  22. Vision of Death (unknown file size)
  23. Death by Chapter (unknown file size)
  24. The Case of the Dead Man's Shoes (unknown file size)
  25. Murder in the Sun (unknown file size)
  26. The Case of the Vanishing Killer (unknown file size)
  27. The Blackball Murder (unknown file size)
  28. Heartbeat of Death (unknown file size)
  29. The Nightmare Combination (unknown file size)
  30. Murder Before the Storm (unknown file size)
  31. Hands of Death (unknown file size)
  32. Tunnel of Terror (unknown file size)
  33. The Final Hour (unknown file size)
  34. The Long Arm of Death (unknown file size)
  35. no title (22.4Mb)
  36. no title (24.5Mb)
  37. no title (24.7Mb)
  38. no title (31Mb)
  39. The Ghost Walks Again (Recreation 3-05-1948) (44Mb)
  40. The Little Man Who Wasn't There (Recreation 2011 The Chatterbox Audio Theater) (29.5Mb)
  41. no title (12.5Mb)
  42. no title (37.2Mb)
  43. Murder by the Dead (Unknow Date Recreation) (6.9Mb)
  44. Reflections of Death (Recreation 7-04-1975) (6.3Mb)
  45. no title (26.3Mb)
  46. no title (22.9Mb)
  47. no title (74.2Mb)
  48. no title (22.3Mb)
  49. no title (53.1Mb)
  50. no title (51.6Mb)
  51. no title (25.9Mb)
  52. no title (33.6Mb)

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