The Strange Dr. Weird

1940s series of short horror stories
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The Strange Dr. Weird was a radio program broadcast on Mutual from 1944 to 1945. Sponsored by Adam Hats, the drama is notable in part because it was a sister series to The Mysterious Traveler, both in theme and its narrator, Maurice Tarplin, who was also the creepy voice of the Mysterious Traveler. Many of the scripts were condensed 15 minute versions of scripts originally broadcast on The Mysterious Traveler. To the accompaniment of an organ. Spooky, strange Tarplin introduced each episode: "Good evening. Come in, won't you? Why, what's the matter? You seem a bit nervous."

The 29 episodes were produced and directed by Jock MacGregor and written by Robert A. Arthur, who also scripted for The Mysterious Traveler.

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group.

  1. The House Where Death Lived (3.2Mb)
  2. The Summoning of Chandor (3Mb)
  3. Journey into the Unknown (2.8Mb)
  4. Death in the Everglades (8.8Mb)
  5. Murder Comes Home (8.6Mb)
  6. The Man Who Talked with Death (2.8Mb)
  7. The White Pearls of Freedom (8.2Mb)
  8. Stand-In for Death (8.1Mb)
  9. The Tiger Cat (2.6Mb)
  10. Murder Ship (2.5Mb)
  11. Beauty and the Beast (8.4Mb)
  12. Survival of the Fittest (8.4Mb)
  13. The Man Who Lived Twice (8.3Mb)
  14. The Dark Wings of Death (10Mb)
  15. The Secret Room (8.3Mb)
  16. The Knife of Death (8.5Mb)
  17. Murder Will Out (2.9Mb)
  18. The Voice of Death (2.9Mb)
  19. The Two Faces of Death (8.4Mb)
  20. The Man Who Knew Everything (2.8Mb)
  21. He Woke up Dead (8.5Mb)
  22. The Devil's Caverns (2.7Mb)
  23. When Killers Meet (8.6Mb)
  24. Dead Man's Paradise (8.5Mb)
  25. The Ghost Ship (8.3Mb)
  26. The Man Who Played Dead (8.3Mb)
  27. Murder, One Million BC (9.8Mb)
  28. Picture of a Killer (2.7Mb)
  29. Revenge from the Grave (3.9Mb)

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