The Witch's Tale

1930s radio horror series
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The Witch's Tale is a horror-fantasy radio series which aired from May 21, 1931, to June 13, 1938, on WOR, the Mutual Radio Network, and in syndication. The program was created, written, and directed by Alonzo Deen Cole.

The first horror drama on radio, Cole's spooky show was hosted by Old Nancy, the Witch of Salem, who introduced a different terror tale each week. The role of Old Nancy was created by stage actress Adelaide Fitz-Allen,[1] who died in 1935 at the age of 79. Cole replaced her with 13-year-old Miriam Wolfe,[3] and Martha Wentworth was also heard as Old Nancy on occasion. Cole himself provided the sounds of Old Nancy's cat, Satan. Cole's wife, Marie O'Flynn, portrayed the lead female characters on the program, and the supporting cast included Mark Smith and Alan Devitte.

The majority of the scripts were original stories, but there were also literary adaptations.

Repeats are omitted.

  1. The Bronze Venus (5Mb)
  2. Frankenstein (4.8Mb)
  3. The Troth of Death (3.9Mb)
  4. The Spirits Of The Lake (6.9Mb)
  5. The Firing Squad (4.5Mb)
  6. The Boa Goddess (4.3Mb)
  7. Honeymoon House (3.5Mb)
  8. The Confession (5.4Mb)
  9. To Share & Share Alike (6.2Mb)
  10. The Flying Dutchman (6.7Mb)
  11. The Wonderful Bottle (5.1Mb)
  12. Rat In A Trap (4Mb)
  13. The Entomologist (7Mb)
  14. Rockabye Baby (4.9Mb)
  15. The Hairy Monster (5.1Mb)
  16. The Haunted Crossroads (43.8Mb)
  17. In The Devil's Name (4.9Mb)
  18. The Gypsy's Hand (4.9Mb)
  19. Happy Ending (3.2Mb)
  20. The Statue Of Thor (6.6Mb)
  21. La Mannequinne (4.3Mb)
  22. The Bulldog (4.1Mb)
  23. Altar Of Hate (5.9Mb)
  24. The Devil Doctor (4.2Mb)
  25. The Power of Lucifer (4.6Mb)
  26. The Puzzle (4.3Mb)
  27. Physician to the Dead (6.7Mb)
  28. The Entomologist (7Mb)
  29. The Devil Mask (3.8Mb)
  30. The King Shark God (4.3Mb)
  31. The Knife of Sacrifice (5.6Mb)
  32. The Devil's Number (4.4Mb)
  33. The Suicide (4Mb)
  34. Four Fingers and a Thumb (4.7Mb)
  35. Tourists Accommodated (4.1Mb)
  36. The Wedding Gift (6.8Mb)

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