The Woman In White
Adaptation of Wilkie Collins's Victorian thriller

Episode 1 of 4

Walter Hartright meets a strange woman dressed in white as he returns home across Hampstead Heath late one night. He's about to travel north to take up a post as drawing master to two young ladies. Little does he realise how this chance encounter and his new position are inextricably linked.

Episode 2 of 4

Walter has left Limmeridge House as Laura prepares to marry Sir Percival. Laura's half-sister Marian knows of Laura's feelings for Walter, has great doubts about the marriage, yet is powerless to stop it...

Episode 3 of 4

Laura has finally come face to face with the woman in white who so resembles her. She had hoped to discover more about Sir Percival's secret, but their meeting was interrupted. Marian begins to fear for her sister's safety and is determined to learn what Sir Percival and Count Fosco are secretly planning.

Episode 4 of 4

Laura Fairlee and Walter Hartright have been reunited, but their happiness is marred by the fact that both their lives are in danger.

Wilkie Collins's Victorian thriller dramatised by Martyn Wade.

Stars Toby Stephens as Walter Hartright
Juliet Aubrey as Marian Halcombe
Emily Bruni as Laura Fairlie
Jeremy Clyde as Sir Percival Glyde
Alice Hart as Anne Catherick

Sean Baker as Mr Gilmore

Carolyn Pickles as Mrs Catherick

Philip Voss as Count Fosco

Edward Petherbridge as Frederick Fairlie

Geraldine Fitzgerald as Madame Fosco

Richenda Carey as Mrs Clements
Ioan Meredith as Pesca

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