The Interrogation
Hard hitting crime drama starring Kenneth Cranham as Detective Inspector Max.

The Interrogation comprises three hard-hitting contemporary crime stories that probe some of today's most complex moral issues.
Starring Kenneth Cranham as Detective Inspector Max Matthews and Alex Lanipekun as Detective Sergeant Sean Armitage.

Praise for Roy Williams' writing in the first series of The Interrogation:
"He writes about the stuff you'd rather not know, prefer not to think about, pretend to ignore. But it lives on with you in the mind. It won't let you go. By his words, the sharp, brittle, spot-on dialogue, he forces you to recognise the limitations of your experience, your understanding. It's not the story outline that matters, but the characterisation, the way the people speak, the language they use. Each of the characters is so clearly differentiated you know exactly what they look like without a detail being given to us. Through the conversation, the interaction, we gather in the back story, we get the gist. There are no easy answers. It's life, messy life, the life we'd rather not think about as we listen to the radio, doing the ironing, making marmalade, cocooned mostly from the nasty, brutish world dealt with by others on our behalf. "
Kate Chisholm, The Spectator.

  1. S01E01 - Rod (65.4Mb)
  2. S01E02 - Jermaine (63.8Mb)
  3. S01E03 - Sarah (65.1Mb)
  4. S02E01 - Marc (40.1Mb)
  5. S02E02 - Grace (40.2Mb)
  6. S02E03 - Simon (40.3Mb)
  7. S03E01 - Colin (60.2Mb)
  8. S03E02 - Jonny (59Mb)
  9. S03E03 - Kellie (58.5Mb)
  10. S04E01 - Tom (77.4Mb)
  11. S04E02 - Riz (77.4Mb)
  12. S04E03 - PC Joanne Laverty (77.4Mb)
  13. S05E01 - Beverley (65.7Mb)
  14. S05E02 - Micky (65.9Mb)
  15. S05E03 - Neil (66Mb)

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