This Sceptred Isle
The history of Britain, from 55BC to 1327AD

Anna Massey narrates the history of Britain, from the Roman invasion onwards.

This Sceptred Isle is a radio series written by historian Christopher Lee about the story of the lands and peoples of Britain by the British Broadcasting Corporation. It was produced by Pete Atkin and broadcast in 1995 twice each day-in the morning and late at night-on Radio 4

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  1. 55 BC - 1087, Part 1 (0Mb)
  2. 55 BC - 1087, Part 2 (0Mb)
  3. 55 BC - 1087, Part 3 (0Mb)
  4. 1087 - 1327AD, Part 1 (0Mb)
  5. 1087 - 1327AD, Part 2 (0Mb)
  6. 1087 - 1327AD, Part 3 (0Mb)

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