The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

A series of seven period detective story thrillers.
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A series of seven period detective story thrillers featuring the Scotland Yard sleuth Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn, created by Ngaio Marsh. All Broadcast on the BBC Radio, The later episodes are much better quality than the originals due to the recording technology at the time.

DEATH IN ECSTASY Adapted for radio and produced by John Tydeman In the House of the Sacred Flame, where truth and illusion are hopelessly entangled, Death catches up with one of the Initiates – and Chief Detective-Inspector Roderick Alleyn investigates a murder. Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn: Peter Howell Nigel Bathgate: Gary Watson Fr Jasper Garnette: Peter Pratt Miss Cara Quayne, the Chosen Vessel: Hilda Kriseman Miss Ernestine Wade: Grizelda Hervey Dr Kasbek: James Thomason Mrs Dagmar Candour: Margot Boyd Samuel J. Ogden: Frederick Treves Claude Wheatley: Kerry Francis Lionel Smith: Tim Grant Maurice Pringle: David Spenser Miss Janey Jenkins: Patricia Gallimore Det-Insp. Fox: Alan Dudley Raoul de Ravigne: David March Miss Edith Hebborn, a nanny: Kathleen Helme Mr Rattisbon: John Gabriel Elsie: Hilda Kriseman Saturday-Night Theatre BBC Radio 4 FM 13 September 1969 20.30

DEATH AT THE DOLPHIN The novel adapted for radio by Alison Plowden The rehabilitation of the old Dolphin – once a charming Thameside theatre, now dusty and derelict – seemed a wonderful project to playwright Peregrine Jay and his distinguished cast. But there were emotional – and other – complications no one had foreseen. Produced By: Betty Davies With David Valla, Malcolm Hayes, Frank Duncan, Anthony Hall and Peter Howell as Det-Supt Alleyn. Peregrine Jay: David Valla Jobbins: Bruce Beeby Mr Conducts: Malcolm Hayes Jeremy Jones: Anthony Hall Mr Greenslade: Gerald Cross Marcus Knight: Victor Lucas Destiny Meade: Sonia Fraser Harry Grove: Frank Duncan Gertie Bracey: Betty Baskcomb Charles Random: Leslie Heritage Emilv Dunne: Patricla Gallimore Det-Supt Alleyn: Peter Howell Trevor Vere: David Howe Winter Morris: John Gabriel Hawkins: Patrick Tull Sergeant: Hector Ross Inspector Fox: Edward Kelsey Saturday-Night Theatre BBC Radio 4 FM 6 February 1971 20.30

DEATH AND THE DANCING FOOTMAN Dramatised By: Alan Downer Jonathan Royal is a man rich enough to indulge his somewhat extravagant sense of the theatrical. But when he hits on the bizarre idea of throwing a weekend party with guests who have good reasons to loathe one another, his malicious comedy quickly turns to tragedy. Directed by DAVID JOHNSTON Stereo (R) Contributors Directed By: David Johnston Chief Det Insp Roderick Alleyn: Nigel Graham Jonathan Royal: Laurence Payne Aubrey Mandrake: Steven Pacey Sandra Compline: Avril Clark William Compline: Stuart Organ Nicholas Compline: Stephen Hattersley Chloris Wynne: Jane Leonard Dr Francis Hart: Alan Downer Mme Elise Lisse: Natasha Pyne Lady Hersey Amblington: Margaret Ward Troy Alleyn: Elaine Claxton James Bewling: Peter Tuddenham The Rev Copeland/Caper: Shaun Prendergast Det Insp Fox/Thomas: Brian Hewlett Saturday-Night Theatre BBC Radio 4 FM 8 August 1987 19.00

OPENING NIGHT Dramatised by Michael Bakewell When a leading actor is found gassed in his dressing room, it looks like suicide. But it transpires he was so detested that everyone had a motive for his murder. Director: Enyd Williams Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn: Jeremy Clyde Detective Inspector Fox: Tim Treloar Martyn Tarne: Beth Chalmers Adam Poole: Michael Cochrane Helena Hamilton: Elizabeth Bell [Actor]: John Hartley [Actress]: Gemma Saunders [Actor]: Gavin Muir [Actor]: Ioan Meredith [Actor]: Paul Gregory [Actor]: Tom George [Actor]: Christopher Kelham The Saturday Play BBC Radio 4 FM 26 February 2000 15.00

A MAN LAY DEAD Dramatised by Michael Bakewell When a murder takes place at a country-house party, it poses another baffling case for the glamorous Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn. Director: Enyd Williams CDI Alleyn: Jeremy Clyde Sgt Bunce: Stephen Thorne Sir Hubert: Donald Sinden Nigel: Nick Waring Arthur: John Moffatt Marjorie: Dorothy Tutin Angela: Molly Gaisford Rosamund: Susannah Corbett Charles: Derek Waring Dr Tokareff: John Hartley BBC Radio 4 FM 6 January 2001

A SURFEIT OF LAMPREYS Dramatised by Michael Bakewell The glamorous Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn enters a rarefied atmosphere when the unpleasant head of a spendthrift aristocratic family meets a gruesome end. Director: Enyd Williams CDI Alleyn: Jeremy Clyde DI Fox: John Baddeley Nigel: Nick Waring Lord Wutherwood: Christopher Godwin Lady Wutherwood: Miriam Karlin Lord Lamprey: Charles Kay Lady Lamprey: Thelma Barlow Lady Katherine: Kathleen Helme Henry: Jonathan Forbes Frieda: Sarah Paul Stephen: Peter Damey Colin: Carl Prekopp Roberta: Helen Longworth Tinkerton: Marlene Sidaway The Saturday Play BBC Radio 4 FM 28 September 2002 14.30

WHEN IN ROME Dramatised by Michael Bakewell Rome in the 1970s: the glamorous Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn is incognito and on the trail of a vast drugs syndicate and some exceptionally unsavoury blackmail. But he hasn’t reckoned on murder. Director: Enyd Williams CDI Alleyn: Jeremy Clyde Nigel: Nick Waring Baron: David Swift Baroness: Paula Jacobs Sonia: Pauline Jameson Kenneth: Tom George Barnaby: Sean Arnold Sophy: Annabelle Dowler Major Sweet: Derek Waring Sebastian: Matthew Deveraux Father Denys: James Greene Valdarno: Stephen Critchlow Violetta: Carolyn Jones The Saturday Play BBC Radio 4 FM 12 April 2003 14.30

  1. Death In Ecstacy (38.8Mb)
  2. Death at The Dolphin (40.2Mb)
  3. Death and the Dancing Footman (40Mb)
  4. Opening Night (26Mb)
  5. A Man Lay Dead (26Mb)
  6. A Surfeit of Lampreys (26.4Mb)
  7. When in Rome (26.7Mb)

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