Tickets Please
Comedy set during a train journey on a single day.

1/4. Mark Maier 's comedy about the emotional lives of a group of staff and passengers on a train journey from London to Exeter. Ticket inspector Robin is oblivious to trolley attendant Carol's flirtations, but has a doomed attraction to restaurant car chef Nadine.

2/4. The 9.27 London-to-Exeter emotional rollercoaster continues as the train start personal relationships get ever more entangled. Now one of the wedding party is joining in the melee. And why are there finger holes in the muffins?

3/4. Love among the train-staff on the 9.27 London to Exeter flourishes, but with tne unwelcome addition of Diana's amorous mum.

4/4. After delays caused by lightning, a 20-piece orchestra practises in one of the train s coaches, giving Robin a plangent background for his declaration of love.

Other parts played by Joseph Cohen-Cole . Philip Fox and Piers Wehner Producer/Director Peter Kavanagh

  1. 1 16-11-09 (45.8Mb)
  2. 2 23-11-09 (46.2Mb)
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  4. 4 07-12-09 (46Mb)

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