2-XL's Tales from the Crypt

1990s choose-your-own-adventure compact cassette audio from the Mego 2-XL toy
from archive.org

After the success of the original Mego 2-XL in the early 80s, the toy company Tiger decided to bring it back in early 90s. The Tiger 2-XL used compact cassettes split into four mono programs, rather than the 8-track tapes of the original. It mostly consisted of educational games and "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories.

In this tape, John Kassir reprises his role as the Cryptkeeper. He tells a CYOA story about a child name Billy Atkins, who meets a mysterious figure offering a magic watch for granting wishes. The catch is that, when all the wishes are gone, Billy must grant one wish to the figure.

This tape was originally digitized by the people behind the 2xlbot.com fan-site.

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