The Lord of the Rings

BBC radio dramatisation of the JRR Tolkien books
from archive.org

Frodo the hobbit and his eight companions undertake a perilous quest to destroy the One Ring and break the power of the Dark Lord before he can overcome the peoples of Middle Earth.

  1. Opening Titles (15.2Mb)
  2. A Long-Expected Party (9.6Mb)
  3. Curse The Baggins (14.9Mb)
  4. One Ring To Rule Them All (9.3Mb)
  5. Frodo The Ring Bearer (16Mb)
  6. Frodo sets out his long journey (8.4Mb)
  7. Shadowfax (6.6Mb)
  8. The Road Goes Ever On & On (28.8Mb)
  9. Frodo Entertains at the The Prancing Pony (13.9Mb)
  10. Gandalf's Letter (6.5Mb)
  11. At Weathertop (12.7Mb)
  12. Sam's Song (6.5Mb)
  13. Aragorn Tells the Story of the Two Lovers (2.5Mb)
  14. The Lord of the Nazgul (23Mb)
  15. The Precious (8.8Mb)
  16. Boromir's Dream (12.3Mb)
  17. The Company of Nine (15.2Mb)
  18. The Climb to Caradhras (9.3Mb)
  19. Gandalf is Here! (10.8Mb)
  20. The Mines of Moria (8Mb)
  21. Gimli's poem on Moria (9.5Mb)
  22. Drums in the Deep (10.4Mb)
  23. Guide by Gollum (18.8Mb)
  24. An Old Man In A Battered Hat (6.7Mb)
  25. The Mirror Of Galadriel (15.7Mb)
  26. O Lorien (11.2Mb)
  27. The Temptation Of Boromir (11.6Mb)
  28. Breaking of the Fellowship (6.4Mb)
  29. Boromir's Final Journey (18.6Mb)
  30. Treebeard (22.1Mb)
  31. Pity and the Precious (7.4Mb)
  32. Smeagol's Promise (3.7Mb)
  33. Gandalf the White (7.1Mb)
  34. Opening Titles (18.5Mb)
  35. The Marshes of the Dead (15.3Mb)
  36. The Winged Terror (11.4Mb)
  37. The Gate of Helm (5Mb)
  38. Gandalf Comes to Isengard (1.8Mb)
  39. The Battle of Helm's Deep (11.9Mb)
  40. Opening Titles (6.1Mb)
  41. The Pipe-Smokers (3.9Mb)
  42. Saruman Speaks (12.6Mb)
  43. The Palantir (8Mb)
  44. The Teeth of Mordor (23.1Mb)
  45. The Stone of Orthanc (11.8Mb)
  46. Opening Titles (5.5Mb)
  47. The Horn of Boromir (19.5Mb)
  48. The Oath-Breakers (7.8Mb)
  49. The Precious Will Be Angry (14.6Mb)
  50. Pippin's Oath (17.4Mb)
  51. Forth Rode the King (3.2Mb)
  52. Opening Titles (5.2Mb)
  53. Minas Morgul (9.2Mb)
  54. The Worst Places (6.6Mb)
  55. The Shades of Dunharrow (4.8Mb)
  56. Smeagol's Plans (8.6Mb)
  57. The Lair of Shelob (26.5Mb)
  58. In Western Lands (7.4Mb)
  59. Opening Titles (11.7Mb)
  60. Grond (4.9Mb)
  61. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields (13.3Mb)
  62. Denethor's Downfall (16.1Mb)
  63. The Hands of the Healer (6.5Mb)
  64. Smoke Then and Think of Him (13.5Mb)
  65. Opening Titles (8.2Mb)
  66. Naked In the Dark (13Mb)
  67. The Mouth of Sauron (9.9Mb)
  68. The Ring is Mine (5.2Mb)
  69. The Bitter End (16.5Mb)
  70. The White Trees of Numenor (7.7Mb)
  71. As a Father You Were to Me (6.6Mb)
  72. Opening Titles (8.8Mb)
  73. The Breaking of the Fellowship (7.2Mb)
  74. What's Become of My Ring? (27.5Mb)
  75. Galadriel's Gift (14.3Mb)
  76. The Last Ship (9.8Mb)

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