BBC Radio 4 drama series following people's lives during World War I
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A major BBC Radio 4 drama series following the lives of those on and behind the battlefront of World War I.

We follow the fortunes of Mickey Bliss and his fellow signallers from the Lahore Division of the British Indian Army as they experience life - and death - on the front line. Meanwhile, Dr Celestine de Tullio battles to save soldiers suffering from gas gangrene and trench fever - and experiences the fighting firsthand when she enlists in the Serbian Army and commands a dangerous offensive.

They are all cogs in an immense machine, one which connects situations across the whole theatre of the war, over four long years.

Meticulously based on actual historical records, unit war diaries and eye-witness accounts, each episode of TOMMIES traces one real day at war, telling untold stories about the war in Gaza, Gallipoli, Serbia, Mesopotamia, Russia, Egypt, Macedonia, Italy, Turkmenistan and Tanzania, as well as on the Western Front. It paints a vivid portrait of daily life for soldiers and their families during 1914-1918 and sheds new light on the reality of the Great War.

Producers of the radio plays are David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Authors of the play scripts include Jonathan Ruffle, Michael Chaplin, Ahmad Shah, Nick Warburton and Nandita Ghose.

Cast and characters
Lee Ross - Sergeant Mickey Bliss, of the Signals Section, Lahore Division, British Indian Army
Danny Rahim - Ahmadullah Khan, a Havildar in the Signals Section, Lahore Division, British Indian Army.
Rudi Dharmalingam - Pavan Jodha, a Jemadar in the Signals Section, Lahore Division, British Indian Army.
Pippa Nixon - Celestine de Tullio, a doctor.
Patrick Kennedy - Robert de Tullio, banker and husband of Celestine.
Alex Wyndham - Lieutenant Maberley Dunster, of B Squadron, 15th King's Hussars, British Army.
Tony Pitts - Sergeant Walter Oddy, of the Signals Section, 2nd Division, British Expeditionary Force.
Elaine Claxton - Sister Marjorie Blaikeley, based in a Boulogne military hospital.
Clive Hayward - Major Hector Monkhouse, of the 15th Bengal Lancers, British Indian Army.
Sam Valentine - Harry de Tullio, young Pilot with the British army.

  1. 7th Oct 1914 (39.5Mb)
  2. 14th Oct 1914 (20.1Mb)
  3. 21st Oct 1914 (39.9Mb)
  4. 28th Oct 1914 (39.9Mb)
  5. 4th Nov 1914 (20.1Mb)
  6. 11th Nov 1914 (40Mb)
  7. 27th Apr 1915 (38.3Mb)
  8. 4th May 1915 (40.5Mb)
  9. 11th May 1915 (20.2Mb)
  10. 18th May 1915 (20Mb)
  11. 25th May 1915 (40.1Mb)
  12. 21st Oct 1915 (39.9Mb)
  13. 28th Oct 1915 (19.9Mb)
  14. 4th Nov 1915 (20Mb)
  15. 11th Nov 1915 (40.1Mb)
  16. 2nd Jun 1916 (40.1Mb)
  17. 9th Jun 1916 (40.1Mb)
  18. 16th Jun 1916 (39.8Mb)
  19. 23rd Jun 1916 (40.1Mb)
  20. 30th Jun 1916 (19.9Mb)
  21. 11 Nov 1916 (20Mb)
  22. 18 Nov 1916 (20.1Mb)
  23. 25 Nov 1916 (20.1Mb)
  24. 2nd Dec 1916 (40.2Mb)
  25. 10th Apr 1917 (40.1Mb)
  26. 17th Apr 1917 (39.2Mb)
  27. 24th Apr 1917 (40.1Mb)
  28. 7th Jun 1917 (40.1Mb)
  29. 14th Jun 1917 (40.1Mb)
  30. 21st Jun 1917 (39.3Mb)
  31. 10th Nov 1917 (40.1Mb)
  32. 11th Nov 1917 (40.2Mb)
  33. 21st Mar 1918 (40.1Mb)
  34. 28th Mar 1918 (40.2Mb)
  35. 4th Apr 1918 (40Mb)
  36. 11th Apr 1918 (40.2Mb)
  37. 1st Aug 1918 (20.1Mb)
  38. 8th Aug 1918 (40.2Mb)
  39. 15th Aug 1918 (40.2Mb)
  40. 22nd Aug 1918 (40.1Mb)
  41. 11th Nov 1918 (20Mb)
  42. 12th Nov 1918 (20.2Mb)

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