Tom Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups

Sitcom based around a weekly phonecall
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Following on from Tom Wrigglesworth's Open Letters, Perrier nominated
comedian Tom Wrigglesworth returns to Radio 4 with this comedy format. It's a
series in which we listen to Tom's telephone calls home to his parents (who are
played by actors).

Each episode of Tom Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups is a 30 minute phone
call from Tom ringing his parents for his weekly check-in. As the conversation
unfolds, Tom takes time out from the phone call to explain the situation to the
live studio audience.

Hang Ups explores class, living away from 'home',
trans-generational phenomena, what we inherit from our families and how the
past repeats in the present. All in a 30 minute phone call.

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  1. (s01 e01) 'Time to Celebrate' (0Mb)
  2. (s01 e02) 'Problems with a Package' (0Mb)
  3. (s01 e03) 'Horsing around' (0Mb)
  4. (s01 e04) 'Out of our Tree' (0Mb)
  5. (s02 e01) 'Lost and Found' (0Mb)
  6. (s02 e02) 'Point of no Return' (0Mb)
  7. (s02 e03) 'Running on Empty' (0Mb)
  8. (s02 e04) 'The Separatists' (0Mb)
  9. (s02 e05) 'Earning Your Corn' (0Mb)
  10. (s02 e06) 'The Well of Loneliness' (0Mb)
  11. om Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups (s03 e01) 'Broadband on the Run' (0Mb)
  12. (s03 e02) 'Madman in the Attic' (0Mb)
  13. (s03 e03) 'Profit and Loss' (0Mb)
  14. (s03 e04) 'Animal Lovers' (0Mb)
  15. (s03 e05) 'How to Make a Killing' (0Mb)
  16. (s03 e06) 'A Christmas not Special' (0Mb)
  17. (s04 e01) 'Strangers on a Train' (0Mb)
  18. (s04 e02) 'Big Tom and the Hendersons' (0Mb)
  19. (s04 e03) 'Construction Time again' (0Mb)
  20. (s04 e04) 'A Dance to the Music of Tom' (0Mb)
  21. (s05 e01) 'Back on the Chain Gang' (0Mb)
  22. (s05 e02) 'The Bubbles get up your Nose' (0Mb)
  23. (s05 e03) 'No rest for the Wrigglesworths' (0Mb)
  24. (s05 e04) 'Richard Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups' (0Mb)

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