The Trumpton Riots
Series about cult British children's TV of the 1970s

A five-part series from 1995, looking at cult 70s children's television.

1 Brian Cant goes to Pogle's Wood to meet Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin.

2: Today Is Saturday. Caron Keating remembers TISWAS with Lenny Henry, Chris Tarrant, Sally James and Spit.

3: Through the Arched Window. Maggie Philbin revisits Big Ted, Humpty and Hamble with the help of Johnny Ball, Chloe Ashcroft and Brian Cant.

4: Val or Sue, John or Tommy? Sally James asks: "Were you a Blue Peter kid or a Magpie kid?"

5: Fred Harris visits the little world of Trumpton, Captain Pugwash, Mr Benn, Fingerbobs and other favourites

  1. Nogs, Togs and Clangers (52.8Mb)
  2. Today is Saturday (51.3Mb)
  3. Through the Arched Window (51Mb)
  4. Val or Sue, John or Tommy (51.8Mb)
  5. Pugwash, Windy and Barney McGrew (51.1Mb)

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