To The Manor Born

Radio version of the popular TV series
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One series of ten episodes was made for the radio in 1997. This is a gentle comedy from a more gentle age

  1. 'The Rhythms of the Earth' (13.6Mb)
  2. 'The Grapevine' (13.5Mb)
  3. 'What's in a name' (13.5Mb)
  4. 'Vive Le Sport' (13.6Mb)
  5. 'Sons of the Fathers' (13.6Mb)
  6. 'A Wife's Perogative' (13.6Mb)
  7. 'The Spare Room' (13.6Mb)
  8. 'An Englishman's Home' (13.6Mb)
  9. 'The Honours List' (13.6Mb)
  10. 'Plenty more Fish' (13.5Mb)

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