That Was Then, This Is Now

BBC Radio 2 history based comedy sketch show
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That Was Then, This Is Now (TWTTIN) was a BBC Radio 2 history based comedy sketch show co-written and presented by Richard Herring. The series also featured musical interludes from a live band, fronted by Christian Reilly. The show ran for three series between 2004 and 2008.

Herring was assisted each week by TV's Emma Kennedy, Dan Tetsell and Danny Robins. Tetsell and Robins never appeared as themselves (bar a couple of short segments), but rather as characters in sketches or as special guests. Each show would contain sketches based on historical events, the anniversary of which would be around the date of transmission. A running joke in the second series was that Radio 2 had commissioned it so that the final episodes went out at the same time of year as the first episodes of the first series, meaning that exactly the same anniversaries were coming around as for the first. The earlier part of the series featured a running joke as to whether such a show should acknowledge the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and debate as to whether ignoring it would be more offensive than not ignoring it.

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