The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
Dorothy L Sayers mystery

Two elderly siblings die within the same day. Can Lord Peter untangle the complications of their final wills?

Adapted for radio in six episodes by Chris Miller. Starring Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey, Peter Jones as Bunter, Martin Jarvis as George Fentiman and John Gabriel as Mr Murbles, Allan Cuthbertson as Robert Fentiman, Martin Jarvis as George Fentiman, Amanda Reiss as Ann Dorland and Gabriel Woolf as Inspector Parker. Produced by Simon Brett.

Episode 1 - Armistice Night. Lord Peter Wimsey investigates the puzzling death of rich, retired General Fentiman who's found dead in an armchair at his gentleman's club.

Episode 2 - The General's Last Evening. Lord Peter Wimsey probes the mysterious Mr Oliver - and a pair of tricky wills.

Episode 3 - Mr Oliver. Probing the last hours of the life of General Fentiman, upper class sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey seeks out his grandson.

Episode 4 - Exhumation. Lord Peter Wimsey awaits Doctor Horner's verdict. At a party thrown by pal Margery, the upper class sleuth does a little more digging.

Episode 5 - At Lady Dormer's. Discovering General Fentiman was poisoned, Lord Peter Wimsey decides to probe Miss Dorland's hobby.

Episode 6 - Ann Dorland. With two suspects missing, Lord Peter Wimsey battles to pinpoint the poisoner.

  1. Armistice Night (25.2Mb)
  2. The General's Last Evening (25Mb)
  3. Mr Oliver (24.2Mb)
  4. Exhumation (25.2Mb)
  5. At Lady Dormer's (25.2Mb)
  6. Ann Dorland (25.1Mb)

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