Vanishing Point

Science fiction anthology series that ran on CBC Radio from 1984 to 1986,
from archive.org

Vanishing Point is the title of a science fiction anthology series that ran on CBC Radio from 1984 until 1986, although the show would continue under different names and formats. A descriptive intro declared that Vanishing Point was "The point between reality and fantasy". The series was produced by Bill Lane in the CBC's Toronto studios.

  1. In The Groove (6.9Mb)
  2. The Testing of Stanley Teagarden (13.8Mb)
  3. Disappearance (14.7Mb)
  4. The Rescue (6.8Mb)
  5. Death and the Compass (15Mb)
  6. Cage of Light (6.8Mb)
  7. The Baliff and the Women (6.8Mb)
  8. The Quickening (14.4Mb)
  9. The Golden Triangle (6.8Mb)
  10. The Silenian Test (6.8Mb)
  11. Teenage Catalogue Model (6.9Mb)
  12. How Love Came to Professor Guildea (14.6Mb)
  13. The Cave (6.9Mb)
  14. The Lost Door (14Mb)
  15. The Blue Devil (6.8Mb)
  16. Point of Departure (13.8Mb)
  17. Skin (unknown file size)
  18. Phase Three (6.9Mb)
  19. The Addict (6.8Mb)
  20. Startex B16K (6.7Mb)
  21. Meteor (6.8Mb)
  22. Zeppis Machine (6.6Mb)
  23. Evaluation (6.9Mb)
  24. Free to a Good Home (6.8Mb)
  25. Uluru (6.9Mb)
  26. The Third Bank of the River (6.9Mb)
  27. Unlived Lives (7Mb)
  28. Ground Zero (6.8Mb)
  29. Messages (6.5Mb)
  30. The Shining Path (6.9Mb)
  31. The Yellow Wallpaper (6.7Mb)
  32. The Woman in Black Velvet (6.9Mb)
  33. Seeing God (6.8Mb)
  34. The Black Serpent (7Mb)
  35. Nightmare in Rabbit City (6.6Mb)
  36. The Enormous Radio (7Mb)
  37. Curse of the Unnamed Planet (6.1Mb)
  38. Secret Cermony (6.9Mb)
  39. In the Groove (6.9Mb)
  40. Soft Landscape (6.7Mb)
  41. The Nine Billion Names of God (6.3Mb)
  42. Shoot the Unicorn (6.9Mb)
  43. The Language of the Flowers (6.8Mb)
  44. The Last 30 Days of Charles L. Danforth (7.2Mb)
  45. Past Imperfect (6.8Mb)
  46. The Count's Wife (6.8Mb)
  47. Childrens Eyes (7.3Mb)
  48. Split Second (7.1Mb)
  49. Moms Home Cooking (4.1Mb)
  50. A Kissing Way (7.1Mb)
  51. The Man Who Liked Dickens (6.9Mb)
  52. Snow Shadow Area (6.9Mb)
  53. A Small Good Thing (7Mb)
  54. I'm a Stranger Here Myself (6.1Mb)
  55. Looking For A Quite Place (6.4Mb)
  56. Azure Blue (6.8Mb)
  57. Antimony (7Mb)
  58. All the Way (6.6Mb)
  59. A Silent Agreement (7Mb)
  60. The Ultimate Threshold (6.9Mb)
  61. The Rising of the North (7.2Mb)
  62. Death of a Physicist (6.7Mb)
  63. A Communicatble Disease (7Mb)
  64. Closing Night (7Mb)
  65. The Right One (6.9Mb)
  66. The Doctor and the Soul (6.9Mb)
  67. The Most Beautiful Woman Town (6.9Mb)
  68. Open Wide (6.8Mb)
  69. Certain Distant Suns (7Mb)
  70. The Artist Of The Beautiful (6.8Mb)
  71. Never Marry A Spider (6.7Mb)
  72. Rappacini's Daughter (6.8Mb)
  73. The Headless Clown (6.2Mb)
  74. Deep Desire (6.7Mb)
  75. Strange Child (6.3Mb)
  76. A Few Words From Harold (6.3Mb)
  77. Everything She Wants (6.7Mb)
  78. Looking For A Quiet Place (6.6Mb)
  79. Ultimate Destination (6.1Mb)
  80. Lucky Girl (5.8Mb)
  81. Mortal (6.8Mb)
  82. The Dispossessed, Part 1 of 6 (5.9Mb)
  83. The Dispossessed, Part 2 of 6 (6.8Mb)
  84. The Dispossessed, Part 3 of 6 (6.8Mb)
  85. The Dispossessed, Part 4 of 6 (6.8Mb)
  86. The Dispossessed, Part 5 of 6 (6.9Mb)
  87. The Dispossessed, Part 6 of 6 (6.7Mb)
  88. Hair Of The Dog (6.8Mb)
  89. The Rawhide Hour (6.8Mb)
  90. Fleshtone (6.8Mb)
  91. Mr Grendelton Crashes A Party (6.8Mb)
  92. Rubber Ball (6.8Mb)
  93. Somebody Talking to You (3.4Mb)
  94. The Man Who Collected Women (6.8Mb)
  95. Escapement (6.8Mb)
  96. Dead Astronaut (6.8Mb)
  97. King Of Another Place (6.8Mb)
  98. Cloud Sculptors of Coral D (6.8Mb)
  99. The Dinosar Connection (6.8Mb)
  100. Low Flying Aircraft (6.7Mb)
  101. A Question of Reentry (6.7Mb)
  102. News From The Sun (6.6Mb)
  103. Having A Wonderful Time (6.7Mb)
  104. Fanta Film (6.8Mb)

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