Ventures & Adventures in Topography

London walking with John Rogers and Nick Papadimitriou
from archive.org

A Resonance FM series presented by John Rogers and Nick Papadimitriou, that ran from 2009 to 2011. The show takes the listener on a series of lop-sided rambles around the margins of London, exploring zones and areas of the city drawing on an eclectic range of references, influenced by old topographical books, psychogeography, deep topography, and the hopeless mis-reading of maps.

  1. (1.1) The English Topographical Tradition and Psychogeography (unknown file size)
  2. (1.2) The Fringe of London by Gordon S. Maxwell (1925) (unknown file size)
  3. (1.3) Afoot Round London by Pathfinder (1911) (unknown file size)
  4. (1.4) The London Perambulator by James Bone (1925) (unknown file size)
  5. (1.5) The Story of Roxeth by T L Bartlett (unknown file size)
  6. (1.6) The Face of London by Harold P. Clunn (1932) (unknown file size)
  7. (1.7) It Isn’t Far From London by SPB Mais (1931) (unknown file size)
  8. (2.1) Golders Green to Brent Cross (unknown file size)
  9. (2.2) Leytonstone & Leyton, Across the North-Eastern Frontier (42.1Mb)
  10. (2.3) Scarp (41.6Mb)
  11. (2.4) Plumstead to Cross Ness along the Southern Outfall Sewer (42.9Mb)
  12. (2.5) The Eastern Queen, Ilford (41.7Mb)
  13. (2.6) Finsbury and Pentonville (39.1Mb)
  14. (2.7) London Topographical Bookfest (39.7Mb)
  15. (2.8) An Estuarine Odyssey, Tilbury (42Mb)
  16. (2.9) The Outer Circle, from the Northwest Passage to the World’s End Causeway (39.5Mb)

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