Wally Who?

1982 radio sitcom written by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
from archive.org

There are potentially four more episodes that are, as yet, missing.
See https://www.dirtyfeed.org/2021/02/wally-5w/#more-14489

  1. 1x01 Just the Way You Are (1982-11-07) (24.7Mb)
  2. 1x02 The Whiz Kid (1982-11-14) (24.8Mb)
  3. 1x03 I Want to Be in Movies (1982-11-21) (27.5Mb)
  4. 1x04 The Painting (1982-11-28) (24.8Mb)
  5. 1x05 The Caravan (1982-12-05) (25.1Mb)
  6. 1x06 All I Want for Christmas (1982-12-12) (27.5Mb)

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