Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully
BBC Radio 2 sitcom about a sleepy English village coping with alien invasion (11 30min episodes)

BBC Radio 2 sitcom written by Eddie Robson, set in a sleepy English village where an alien invasion somehow becomes bogged down in local politics. Broadcast in 11 episodes from 2012 to 2014, starring Hattie Morahan, Hannah Murray, Jan Francis, Peter Davison, Charles Edwards & Julian Rhind-Tutt.

  1. pilot episode (33.1Mb)
  2. S01E01 Taking Overs (11Mb)
  3. S01E02 Minimum Volume (11Mb)
  4. S01E03 Power Block (11Mb)
  5. S01E04 Little Green Lights (10.8Mb)
  6. S02E01 Counter Plot (25.6Mb)
  7. S02E02 Tempting Fete (25.6Mb)
  8. S02E03 Questioning Loyalties (25.6Mb)
  9. S02E04 CTRL-ALT-DEL (25.5Mb)
  10. S02E05 Testing Times (25.7Mb)
  11. S02E06 Exit Strategy (25.6Mb)

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