Robin and Wendy's Wet Weekends

Sitcom about a couple who own a model village
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Robin and Wendy are a childless couple with an unhealthy obsession with Mayfield - a model village they’ve built that’s now the centre of their lives.

Written by and starring Kay Stonham and Simon Greenall.

Robin ...... Simon Greenall
Wendy ...... Kay Stonham
Maureen ...... Debra Stephenson
Derek ...... Phil Cornwell
Heinrich ...... Tony Gardner

Only a few episodes are made available here.

!No MP3s found. The MP3 files used by this podcast appear to be missing. They may have been removed permanently from their source location.

  1. S1 E3 Cavalier Attitude (unknown file size)
  2. S2 E1 Then And US (unknown file size)
  3. S2 E2 Take The High Road (unknown file size)
  4. S2 E3 Entertaining Mr Stone (unknown file size)
  5. S2 E4 Lassie Go Home (unknown file size)
  6. S3 E4 Anniversary Waltz (unknown file size)

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