Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?
Radio adaptation of the BBC TV series

"The Likely Lads" was a 1960's comedy drama about the responsible, dull Bob and his bossy girlfriend Thelma, and the irresponsible Terry.Building on the success of the series, in the early 1970s the BBC revived the idea, bringing the pair back again, 7 years on. Bob now has a white collar job and is about to move into a new home with Thelma. Terry has just the army, penniless and with a broken marriage behind him. Can the old spark between the two friends be re-lit?

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  1. Strangers on a Train (0Mb)
  2. Home Is the Hero (0Mb)
  3. Cold Feet (0Mb)
  4. Moving On (0Mb)
  5. I'll Never Forget Whatshername (0Mb)
  6. Birthday Boy (0Mb)
  7. No Hiding Place (0Mb)
  8. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (0Mb)
  9. Storm in a Tea Chest (0Mb)
  10. The Old Magic (0Mb)
  11. Count Down (0Mb)
  12. Boys' Night In (0Mb)
  13. End of an Era (0Mb)

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