When the Dog Dies

Comedy series with Ronnie Corbett
from archive.org

Ronnie Corbett reunites with Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent, the writers of
his hit BBC sitcom Sorry!, for this
comedy for For BBC Radio 4.

Corbett plays Sandy Hopper, who is growing old happily along with his dog,
Henry. His grown-up children, who are both married to people Sandy doesn't
approve, would like him to move out of the family home so they can get their
hands on their money earlier. But Sandy
is not having this - he's not moving until the dog dies.

Sandy also
has a lodger, and his daughter is convinced that the too-attractive Dolores is
after her father and his money.

Luckily, Sandy
has three grandchildren; sometimes a friendly word or a kindly hand on the
shoulder can really help a grandad in the 21st century. Man and dog together
face a complicated world. There's every chance they'll make it more so.

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