Whose Body?
Dorothy L. Sayers story

Dorothy L. Sayers' first Lord Peter Wimsey tale introduces many of the author's best-known characters. Wimsey's mother, the Dowager Duchess of Denver, rings her son with news of 'such a quaint thing'. She has heard through a friend that Mr Thipps, a respectable Battersea architect, found a dead man in his bath - wearing nothing but a gold prince-nez. Lord Wimsey makes his way straight over to Mr Thipps, and a good look at the body raises a number of interesting questions. Why would such an apparently well-groomed man have filthy black toenails, flea bites and the scent of carbolic soap lingering on his corpse? Then comes the disappearance of oil millionaire Sir Reuben Levy, last seen on the Battersea Park Road. With his beard shaved he would look very similar to the man found in the bath but is Sir Levy really dead?

Starring Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter and Peter Jones as Bunter with Patricia Routledge as the Dowager Duchess

Adapted by Chris Miller, produced by Simon Brett

Lord Peter: Ian CarmichaelBunter: Peter JonesThe Dowager Duchess: Patricia RoutledgeInspector Parker: Gabriel WoolfFreddy: Nigel LambertJohn P Milligan: Blain FairmanGraves/waiter/Scoot: Peter WilliamsMabel Price/Mrs Thipps: Betty Huntley- WrightMr Crimplesham: Richard GooldenMr Thipps: Norman BirdJohn P Milligan: Blain FairmanLady Swaffham: Elizabeth RevillCoroner: David SinclairInspector Sugg: Stephen ThorneCummings: Peter TuddenhamBernard Archard as Sir Julian FrekePiggott Dr Colegrove: Geoffrey BeeversDr Grimbold Sir Reuben Levy: Wilfrid CarterLady Levy: Betty Cardno

  1. The Body in the Bath (12.9Mb)
  2. Disappearance of a Financier (12.8Mb)
  3. Lunch at Lady Swaffham's (12.8Mb)
  4. Shellshock (12.7Mb)
  5. Bunter Brings a Letter (12.8Mb)

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