Winston Churchill Speeches and Radio Broadcasts
Speeches and broadcasts by the British prime minister

A lot of these are here in the WW2 collections, I posted this collection to make The Winston Churchill Speeches in one place.

  1. To France (En Français, Pt1) (0.2Mb)
  2. Reports Winston Churchill Crosses The Rhine (0.6Mb)
  3. The White House Christmas Tree (0.9Mb)
  4. To France (En Français, Pt2) (0.1Mb)
  5. no title (5.1Mb)
  6. The Fruits Of 1944 (2.8Mb)
  7. The End Of The Beginning (0.9Mb)
  8. Give Us The Tools (8.3Mb)
  9. War With Japan (4.8Mb)
  10. On Allied Victories (11.1Mb)
  11. To The Royal Academy Of Arts (0.4Mb)
  12. no title (0.9Mb)
  13. Their Finest Hour (7Mb)
  14. no title (1Mb)
  15. no title (0.9Mb)
  16. no title (3.6Mb)
  17. Reviews Atlantic Charter Summit (5.6Mb)
  18. War Of The Unknown Warrior (4.1Mb)
  19. no title (2Mb)
  20. Germany's Unconditional Surrender (1.5Mb)
  21. no title (1.1Mb)
  22. Do Your Worst, We'll Do Our Best (1.6Mb)
  23. no title (3.7Mb)
  24. no title (0.8Mb)
  25. no title (2.3Mb)
  26. Anglo American Unity (3.8Mb)
  27. Pledge To Free France (2.5Mb)
  28. Still Masters Of Our Fate (4.6Mb)
  29. VE Day Celebrations Ministry of Health Building (0.7Mb)
  30. no title (1Mb)
  31. no title (1.8Mb)
  32. no title (2.1Mb)
  33. no title (3.2Mb)
  34. no title (3.2Mb)
  35. The First Month of the War (1.1Mb)
  36. Reaping The Whirlwind (3.3Mb)
  37. no title (0.4Mb)
  38. no title (0.9Mb)
  39. no title (0.6Mb)
  40. no title (1.3Mb)
  41. no title (2.3Mb)
  42. no title (2.1Mb)
  43. These Are Great Days (0.9Mb)
  44. no title (0.8Mb)
  45. Broadcast From Quebec (2.7Mb)
  46. Second Address To US Congress (11.9Mb)
  47. Winston Churchill (11.7Mb)
  48. no title (2.8Mb)
  49. The Sinews Of Peace (12.7Mb)
  50. The Resolution Of The People (0.7Mb)
  51. The Navy Is Here (0.9Mb)
  52. no title (2.4Mb)
  53. The New Administration (1.2Mb)
  54. Broadcast To America (0.7Mb)
  55. no title (0.3Mb)
  56. Ten Weeks Of War (2.2Mb)
  57. no title (4.2Mb)
  58. no title (3.6Mb)
  59. no title (0.9Mb)
  60. Meeting With President Roosevelt (7.3Mb)
  61. no title (3.5Mb)
  62. Germany Invades Russia (4.3Mb)
  63. no title (3.2Mb)
  64. Until Victory Is Won (1.1Mb)
  65. On Capitulation Of Belgium (0.6Mb)
  66. no title (1.3Mb)
  67. Preparation, Liberation, Assault (9.2Mb)
  68. no title (5.6Mb)
  69. First Speech As Prime Minister (2.5Mb)
  70. no title (1.6Mb)
  71. The Sinking Of The Graf Spee (1.2Mb)
  72. no title (2.7Mb)
  73. The Threat Of Nazi Germany (1.1Mb)
  74. We Shall Never Surrender (2.8Mb)
  75. no title (0.8Mb)
  76. no title (1.2Mb)
  77. Westward Look The Land Is Bright (6.3Mb)
  78. no title (9.4Mb)
  79. no title (1Mb)
  80. We Must Arm (1Mb)
  81. no title (2.7Mb)
  82. America's Thanksgiving Day (0.9Mb)
  83. Rebuilding The House Of Commons (2.5Mb)
  84. The German Ambassador (0.4Mb)
  85. no title (1.2Mb)
  86. no title (1.2Mb)
  87. Address To Harrow School (1Mb)
  88. no title (5Mb)
  89. no title (4.5Mb)
  90. no title (0.9Mb)
  91. no title (3.1Mb)
  92. no title (2.9Mb)
  93. no title (1.4Mb)
  94. War Production (2.4Mb)
  95. no title (1.7Mb)
  96. Address To Italy (4Mb)
  97. National Address (10.9Mb)
  98. no title (11.6Mb)
  99. House Of Commons Secret Session (2.4Mb)
  100. no title (3.1Mb)
  101. no title (2.3Mb)
  102. no title (2Mb)
  103. The First Year (2.4Mb)
  104. no title (0.7Mb)
  105. The Atlantic Charter (0.6Mb)

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