The Misty Mr. Wisty

Peter Cook monologues
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E. L. Wisty monologues from "On The Braden Beat".

E. L. Wisty was a fictional character created and played by the comedian Peter Cook on and off throughout his career. A bland, monotonal know-it-all, Wisty usually appeared in monologues, or in two-handed sketches in which he bores the other person. According to British comedy scholar Roger Wilmut, "The striking thing about E. L. Wisty was that he never smiled—Cook managed to keep a straight face throughout, despite the audience laughter."

  1. World Domination League (2.9Mb)
  2. Royalty (1.9Mb)
  3. The Tadpole Expert (1.7Mb)
  4. Are You Spotty? (1.6Mb)
  5. C.P. Snow (1.7Mb)
  6. Peace Through Nudism (1.8Mb)
  7. O'er Hill And Dale (1.7Mb)
  8. A Bee Life (1.7Mb)
  9. The Man Who Invented The Wheel (1.6Mb)
  10. The Plib (1.5Mb)
  11. Food For Thought (1.4Mb)
  12. Spindly Legs (2Mb)
  13. Man's Best Friend (1.4Mb)
  14. The E.L. Wisty Festival Of The Arts (1.7Mb)

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