The Wormwood Forest

Children's radio show from 1949
from archive.org

WORMWOOD FOREST is a classic radio show for children. It was written by famous puppeteer (and Bozo the Clown) Tom Tichenor and produced by WSM in Nashville, Tennessee. The selections presented here are from 1949 and are still fun all these years later!

The Wormwood Forest stories center around The Dwarf Waldorf Hotel. In addition to the hotel proprietor, Dippy Dwarf (who sounds a lot like Adam Sandler being silly), the adventures include characters such as Barbara Q. Pig, Dumbcluck the Woodchuck, Eager Beaver, Frankie Frog, Gerald Grasshopper, Grandpa Fox, Henrietta Hen, Muscles Muskrat, Oleander Salamander, Postman Possum, Sherlock Hound, Siamese Pretty Kitty, Strauss Mouse, Suzie Skunk, Swami Salami, Swindler Q. Fox, Tallulah Tobacco Worm, and Timothy Turtle.

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