Yes Prime Minister
1980s political comedy

Between 1980 and 1988 on BBC television and radio, the exploits of the Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP (Paul Eddington) - later Prime Minister - kept the British nation enthralled. Helped - and hampered - by his diligent Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne) and his Principle Private Secretary Bernard Woolley (Derek Fowlds), Hacker and his department became synonymous with government bureaucracy and administrative double dealing.

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  1. The Grand Design (0Mb)
  2. The Ministeral Broadcast (0Mb)
  3. The Bishop's Gambit (0Mb)
  4. The Smoke Screen (0Mb)
  5. The Key (0Mb)
  6. A Real Partnership (0Mb)
  7. A Victory for Democracy (0Mb)
  8. One of Us (0Mb)
  9. Man Overboard (0Mb)
  10. Official Secrets (0Mb)
  11. A Diplomatic Incident (0Mb)
  12. A Conflict Of Interest (0Mb)
  13. Power To The People (0Mb)
  14. The Patron Of The Arts (0Mb)
  15. National Education Service (0Mb)
  16. The Tangled Web (0Mb)

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