My Word!
1960s BBC panel show about words and wordplay

My Word! was a radio panel game  broadcast by the BBC on the Home Service  (1956-67) and Radio 4 (1967-88).It was created by Edward J. Mason and Tony Shryane, and featured comic writers Denis Norden and Frank Muir.The two teams faced questions devised by Mason, primarily word games and literary quizzes covering vocabulary, etymology, snippets of poetry, and the like. When stumped by a question, the contestants could be sure of receiving generous partial credit for a humorous answer of
enough ingenuity. These home recordings were made from radio broadcasts between 1999 and 2006.

  1. "A good example is the best sermon", "Stand a little less between me and the sun" (31.1Mb)
  2. "A little touch of Harry in the night", "None but the brave deserves the fair" (incomplete) (23.7Mb)
  3. "A new broom sweeps clean", "An ill-favoured thing, sir, but mine own" (37.2Mb)
  4. "A penny plain and tuppence coloured", "'Tis better to have loved and lost" (incomplete) (19.7Mb)
  5. "A snapper-up of unconsidered trifles", "To innovate is not to reform" (incomplete) (24.5Mb)
  6. "Actions speak louder than words", "If at first you don't succeed" (35.4Mb)
  7. "All my posessions for a moment of time", "Never underestimate the power of a woman" (incomplete) (14.4Mb)
  8. "Oh dear, what can the matter be" / "Every little movement has a meaning of its own" (6.2Mb)
  9. "Alons enfants de la patrie", "The female of the species is more deadly than the male" (25.8Mb)
  10. "April in Paris", "The more haste, the less speed" (24.7Mb)
  11. "An infinite capacity for taking pains", "Hail to thee, blithe spirit" (27.7Mb)
  12. "As the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of a fool", "Never try to bite off more than you can chew" (33.3Mb)
  13. "At Christmas I no more desire a rose", "Busy as a Bee" (31.1Mb)
  14. "Believe it or not", "Blood is thicker than water" (29.4Mb)
  15. "Cast thy bread upon the waters", "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" (26.9Mb)
  16. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Who was that lady I saw you with last night" (27.5Mb)
  17. "Come into the garden, Maud", "Charity begins at home" (19.8Mb)
  18. "Coming events cast their shadows before", "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou" (22.9Mb)
  19. "Down among the sheltering palms", "Off we go into the wild blue yonder" (6.2Mb)
  20. "East is East and West is West", "The miners dream of home" (incomplete) (27.6Mb)
  21. "Eureka", "Too marvelous, too marvelous for words" (32.6Mb)
  22. "Fine feathers make fine birds", "We must cling to our legends, sir" (21.8Mb)
  23. "For whom the bell tolls", "Things that go bump in the night" (26.6Mb)
  24. "Get thee behind me, Satan", "A triumph of mind over matter" (24.7Mb)
  25. "Half a loaf is better than no bread", "Dancing with tears in my eyes" (18.9Mb)
  26. "Hallelujiah", "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner" (16.9Mb)
  27. "He who hesitates is lost", "Dirty British coaster" (34Mb)
  28. "History is bunk", "Take it from here" (23.1Mb)
  29. "Honesty is the best policy", "Full-blown poppies overcharged with rain" (18.7Mb)
  30. "How are the mighty fallen", "A policeman's lot is not a happy one" (24.9Mb)
  31. "I am monarch of all I survey", "The Stars and Stripes forever" (incomplete) (25Mb)
  32. "I do like to be beside the seaside", "A happy issue out of all their affections" (23.1Mb)
  33. "I wonder who's kissing her now", "It's a long lane that has no turning" (19.8Mb)
  34. "I wouldn't leave my little wooden hut for you", "He who hesitates is lost" (24.7Mb)
  35. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas", "Beggars cannot be choosers" (24.7Mb)
  36. "If music be the food of love, play on", "Charity will cover the multitude of sins" (incomplete) (21Mb)
  37. "In Memoriam", "All the news fit to print" (6.2Mb)
  38. "Kind hearts are more than coronets", "One man's meat is another man's poison" (25.7Mb)
  39. "My word is my bond", "An American in Paris" (31.2Mb)
  40. "Never, never, never, never, never", "Take a pair of sparkling eyes" (25.6Mb)
  41. "No man is an island", "Love is a many-splendoured thing" (incomplete) (21.2Mb)
  42. "Nor iron bars a cage", "He flies through the air with the greatest of ease" (incomplete) (18.7Mb)
  43. "Oh what can ail thee, knight at arms", "The buyer needs a hundred eyes" (poor quality) (24.3Mb)
  44. "Oh, for the touch of a vanished hand", "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" (incomplete) (24.5Mb)
  45. "Once more into the breach", "I've got a little list" (21Mb)
  46. "One good turn deserves another", "The thousand natural shocks which flesh is heir to" (26.9Mb)
  47. "Only connect", "The son and heir of a mongrel bitch" (incomplete) (22.4Mb)
  48. "Onward Christian soldiers", "Red sails in the sunset" (6.1Mb)
  49. "Parting is such sweet sorrow", "There is no accounting for taste" (26.4Mb)
  50. "Pop goes the weasel", "Hard words break no bones" (23Mb)
  51. "Putting the cart before the horse", "There are fairies at the bottom of our garden" (25.9Mb)
  52. "Remember that time is money", "The laborer is worthy of his hire" (30Mb)
  53. "Rose is a rose is a rose", "Let us now praise famous men" (incomplete) (9.5Mb)
  54. "Rose of Washington Square", "The ends justify the means" (18.8Mb)
  55. "Rule Britannia", "Come into the Garden, Maude" (29.2Mb)
  56. "Ships that pass in the night", "There is no fire without some smoke" (incomplete) (30.9Mb)
  57. "Somewhere over the rainbow", "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" (incomplete) (18.4Mb)
  58. "Somewhere over the rainbow", "Someday I'll find you" (16Mb)
  59. "Tales from the Vienna woods", "By the time I got to Phoenix" (31.2Mb)
  60. "The Count of Monte Christo", "Experience teaches" (30.6Mb)
  61. "The Hotel du Lac", "The walrus and the carpenter" (28Mb)
  62. "The Sound of Music", "This was the noblest Roman of them all" (39.1Mb)
  63. "The boy I love is up in the gallery", "It only happens when I dance with you" (incomplete) (25.9Mb)
  64. "The crown is no cure for the headache", "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (32.5Mb)
  65. "The game is not worth the candle", "I think, therefore I am" (incomplete) (8.5Mb)
  66. "The game is up", "A nightingale in the sycamore" (incomplete) (21.3Mb)
  67. "The grandeur that was Rome", "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt" (incomplete) (23.2Mb)
  68. "The historian is a prophet looking backward", "Now is the winter of our discontent" (24.2Mb)
  69. "The lady is a tramp", "Women and elephants never forget" (27.2Mb)
  70. "The lady of the lamp", "Sweet are the uses of adversity" (25.3Mb)
  71. "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation", "How doth the little busy bee" (37.7Mb)
  72. "The pirates of Penzance", "He who hesitates is lost" (15.4Mb)
  73. "The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable", "A storm in a teacup" (36.7Mb)
  74. "There are fairies at the bottom of our garden", "Once I had a secret love" (incomplete) (16.1Mb)
  75. "Til the sands of the desert grow cold", "And so to bed" (16.5Mb)
  76. "To err is human", "A farewell, a long farewell to all my greatness" (incomplete) (30.1Mb)
  77. "To travel hopefully is better than to arrive", "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" (30.4Mb)
  78. "Toot, toot, Tootsie, goodbye", "Even the weariest river winds somewhere safe to sea" (incomplete) (29.4Mb)
  79. "Treasure Island", "Never give a sucker an even break" (28Mb)
  80. "Twelveth Night, or, What You Will", "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen" (incomplete beginning) (21Mb)
  81. "Up, up, my friend, and quit your books" and "One good turn deserves another" (27Mb)
  82. "What shall we do with a drunken sailor", "Fools who came to scoff remain to pray" (34.1Mb)
  83. "What's the good of a home if you're never in it", "The moment I saw you" (25.3Mb)
  84. "Where are the snows of yesteryear", "I feel no pain, dear mother, now" (29.3Mb)
  85. "Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day", "Tis better to have loved and lost" (24.3Mb)
  86. "You can't have your cake and eat it too", "Here we come gathering nuts in May" (27.2Mb)

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