Black Jack Justice

Modern hardboiled detective drama in the style of the golden age of radio
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Black Jack Justice is a full-cast audio drama series, written and performed in the style of the classic adventure broadcasts from the golden age of radio. Black Jack Justice was written and directed by creator Gregg Taylor, adapted from the "play-within-a-play" content of his one-act stage play of the same title. The series, set in the late 1940s - mid 1950s, is set in an unnamed Great American City, and tells the story of supposedly hard-as-nails private detective Jack Justice and his partner in crime-fighting, Trixie Dixon, girl detective, who work well together in spite of not liking each other very much at all. In the style of the period in which the story is set, there is a good deal of first person narration from both detectives, which is frequently contradictory in nature. The series was recorded in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario between 2005 - 2016 and was released through the Decoder Ring Theatre podcast. The characters were also featured in two novels, Black Jack Justice and Black Jack Justice: Dead Men Run. The series is made available on archive.org with the permission of the author, who retains ownership.

  1. Justice Served Cold (26.5Mb)
  2. Justice For Some (25.5Mb)
  3. Justice Is Blind (27Mb)
  4. Justice Delayed (27.2Mb)
  5. Justice Incorporated (28.1Mb)
  6. Justice's Holiday (24.1Mb)
  7. Justice Be Done (24.2Mb)
  8. Justice and the Deluge (27.5Mb)
  9. No Justice (26.7Mb)
  10. Hammer Of Justice (26.6Mb)
  11. Justice in Love and War (25Mb)
  12. Justice and the Happy Ending (29.2Mb)
  13. The Purloined Format Caper (32.1Mb)
  14. The Trouble With Doubles (25.5Mb)
  15. How Much Is That Gumshoe In The Window (31.5Mb)
  16. The Beefsteak Botheration (31.3Mb)
  17. Palookaville Express (29.4Mb)
  18. Payback (32.9Mb)
  19. Sabien's Law (35.5Mb)
  20. Trixies Pet (28.5Mb)
  21. The Reunion (34.7Mb)
  22. Much Ado About Norman (30.4Mb)
  23. Dance Justice Dance (31.2Mb)
  24. A Midsummer Nights Noir (30.8Mb)
  25. The Do-Nothing Detective (28.8Mb)
  26. The Family Jewels (30.3Mb)
  27. No News Is Good News (25.8Mb)
  28. The Problem of the Perplexing Pastiche (32.3Mb)
  29. Now Who's The Dummy (26.4Mb)
  30. Requiem for an Elf (30.3Mb)
  31. Stormy Weather (39.6Mb)
  32. The Stopped Clock (29.8Mb)
  33. The Devil You Know (28.2Mb)
  34. Small Mercies (32Mb)
  35. Journeys End (27Mb)
  36. Hush Money (27.8Mb)
  37. Cops and Robbers (27.2Mb)
  38. Auld Lang Syne (31.9Mb)
  39. The Albatross (36Mb)
  40. Mans Best Friend (29.8Mb)
  41. The Sky's the Limit (29.7Mb)
  42. Mad Dogs and Ambulance Chasers (32Mb)
  43. Some Kinda Lucky (27.7Mb)
  44. The Score (29.6Mb)
  45. A Simple Case of Black and White (32Mb)
  46. To The Manor Born (24.5Mb)
  47. The Mark Two Caper (25.6Mb)
  48. Jawbone of an Asp (31.9Mb)
  49. Two is Too Many (28Mb)
  50. Those Who Wait (26.9Mb)
  51. The More Things Change (27.6Mb)
  52. The Late Mr Justice (28.9Mb)
  53. The Empty Desk (27.3Mb)
  54. Home Fires (36.8Mb)
  55. Death and Taxes (31.7Mb)
  56. The Cheshire Cat (33.4Mb)
  57. Home for the Holidays (26.4Mb)
  58. The Big Time (34.3Mb)
  59. The Learners Permit (30.4Mb)
  60. The Rat-Trap (28Mb)
  61. Strange Bedfellows (30.2Mb)
  62. My Heart Belongs to Mummy (32.4Mb)
  63. The Road to Hell (27.9Mb)
  64. The One That Got Away (32.1Mb)
  65. Full Fathom Five (31.9Mb)
  66. The Dead Duck (33.4Mb)
  67. The Born Loser (34.2Mb)
  68. As The Northern Star (29.8Mb)
  69. Chess Pains (32.9Mb)
  70. The Policy (26.1Mb)
  71. Date Night (34.3Mb)
  72. Mixed Blessings (27.8Mb)

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