PodCastle Archive
PodCastle episodes 1 - 474 complete with extra podcast mp3s

PodCastle is a weekly fantasy podcast producing audio performances of fantasy short fiction, including all the sub genres of fantasy. PodCastle launched on 1 April 2008 as part of Escape Artists, Inc. with Rachel Swirsky as founding editor and Ann Leckie as assistant editor.

  1. PC001- Come Lady Death (28.4Mb)
  2. PCMini001- Stone Born (3.2Mb)
  3. PC002- For Fear of Dragons (20.4Mb)
  4. PC003- Run of the Fiery Horse (34Mb)
  5. PCMini002- Giant (4.7Mb)
  6. PC004- Goosegirl (20.6Mb)
  7. PC005- The Ant King- A California Fairy Tale (34.8Mb)
  8. PCMini003- Pahwahke (9.2Mb)
  9. PC006- Hotel Astarte (36.1Mb)
  10. PC007- Fear of Rain (28.3Mb)
  11. PC008- The Osteomancer's Son (25.9Mb)
  12. PCMini004- Hippocampus (2.8Mb)
  13. PC009- Wisteria (21.4Mb)
  14. PC010- Magic in a Certain Slant of Light (20.3Mb)
  15. PC011- Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery (22.1Mb)
  16. PC012- Barrens Dance (32.8Mb)
  17. PCMini005- Directions (5.6Mb)
  18. PC013- Spell of the Sparrow (26.5Mb)
  19. PC014- The Grand Cheat (18.3Mb)
  20. PC015- The Yeti Behind You (18Mb)
  21. PCMini006- Eating Hearts (6.6Mb)
  22. PC016- Magnificent Pigs (17.2Mb)
  23. PC017- Goblin Lullaby (25.2Mb)
  24. PCMini007- Tooth Fairy (1.9Mb)
  25. PC018- Illuminated Dragon (27.5Mb)
  26. PC019- Galatea (22.5Mb)
  27. PCMini008- Believe (4.1Mb)
  28. PC020- Cup and Table (28.3Mb)
  29. PC021- Hallah Iron-Thighs and the Change of Life (23.8Mb)
  30. PCMini009- What Dragons Prefer (3.2Mb)
  31. PC022- Dead Girl's Wedding March (13.8Mb)
  32. PCMetacast #2 (1.8Mb)
  33. PC023- Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge - PodCastle Giant (64.6Mb)
  34. PCMini010- The Desires of Houses (5.1Mb)
  35. PC024- It Takes a Town (24.2Mb)
  36. PCMini011- The Fable of the Moth (2.7Mb)
  37. PC025- Anywhere There's a Game (33.5Mb)
  38. PC026- Black Ribbon (16.6Mb)
  39. PCMini013- The Fable of the Ostrich (9.9Mb)
  40. PC027- Red Riding-Hood's Child (19.7Mb)
  41. PCMini014- The Fable of the Octopus (9.1Mb)
  42. PC028- The Tanuki-Kettle (18.1Mb)
  43. PCMini015- The Voices of Snakes (7.5Mb)
  44. PC029- Dead Languages (33.5Mb)
  45. PCMini017- All Flee the Vocab. Quiz (2.2Mb)
  46. PC030- Grand Guignol (32.6Mb)
  47. PCMini18- Scar Stories (7Mb)
  48. PC031- Colin and Ishmael in the Dark (Corrected) (22.1Mb)
  49. PCMini19- Cask of Amontillado (12.3Mb)
  50. PC032- Senator Bilbo (31.2Mb)
  51. PCMini20- Okra, Sorghum, Yam (9.5Mb)
  52. PC033- The Girl With the Sun In Her Head (17.1Mb)
  53. PCMini21- The Princess and the... (1.6Mb)
  54. PC034- Clad In Gossamer (17.4Mb)
  55. PCMini22- The Kissing of Frogs (3Mb)
  56. PCFlash 23- Bury the Dead (8.8Mb)
  57. PC035- Winter Solstice (25.1Mb)
  58. PC036- Ancestor Money (28.7Mb)
  59. PCMini24- Intelligent Design (7Mb)
  60. PC037- Gordon, the Self-Made Cat (23.4Mb)
  61. PCMini25- Through the Cooking Glass (4.8Mb)
  62. PC038- In the House of the Seven Librarians (43.7Mb)
  63. PC039- Honest Man (34.4Mb)
  64. PC040- Hell Is the Absence of God - PodCastle Giant (48Mb)
  65. PC41- Dragon Hunt (21.3Mb)
  66. PC042- De La Tierra (30.6Mb)
  67. PC043- Sweet, Savage Sorcerer (13.9Mb)
  68. PCMini26- Up the Chimney (1.8Mb)
  69. PC044- Immersed in Matter (42.3Mb)
  70. PCMini27- Faery Cats- The Cutest Killers (6.6Mb)
  71. PC045- The Annals of Eelin-Ok (29.6Mb)
  72. PCMini28- Elf Aware (2.2Mb)
  73. PC046- Secret Life (39.4Mb)
  74. PCMini29- Birthday Wish (2.3Mb)
  75. PC047 Giant Episode- Bright Waters (45.1Mb)
  76. PC048- I'll Gnaw Your Bones," the Manticore Said (29.5Mb)
  77. PCMini30- Rotations and Consequences (5.3Mb)
  78. PC049- Return of the Warrior (17.3Mb)
  79. PC050- Komodo (41.2Mb)
  80. PC051- The Cambist and Lord Iron (43.4Mb)
  81. PCMini31 - Down in the Flood (8.5Mb)
  82. PC052- The Nalendar (38.1Mb)
  83. PC053- Change of Life (16.4Mb)
  84. PCEpisode 54- The Dreaming Wind (24.1Mb)
  85. PCEpisode 54- The Dreaming Wind (24.1Mb)
  86. PCMini32- Chu-bu and Sheemish (9Mb)
  87. PC55- Bottom Feeding (30.5Mb)
  88. PC56- Shard of Glass (47.8Mb)
  89. PCMini33- The Sad tale of the Tearless Onion (2.5Mb)
  90. PC57- In Ashes (25.9Mb)
  91. PC58- Nine-Fingered Maria (23.6Mb)
  92. PC059- On the Banks of the River of Heaven (33.2Mb)
  93. PCMini34- The Orange (2.7Mb)
  94. PC060- The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change (38Mb)
  95. PCMini35- Loose Drawers (4.8Mb)
  96. PCGiant 4- Captain Fantasy and the Secret Masters (44.6Mb)
  97. PC62- The Fiddler of Bayou Teche (37Mb)
  98. PCMini36- To-Do List (9.7Mb)
  99. PC63- Daughter of Botu (49.4Mb)
  100. PC064- Castor On Troubled Waters (18.3Mb)
  101. PC065- Foam on the Water (18.5Mb)
  102. PCBonus Material- Fantasy Magazine Micro-Fiction Winners (3.9Mb)
  103. PC066- One Paper Airplane Graffito Love Note (28.8Mb)
  104. EA Metacast, Aug 2009 (12.4Mb)
  105. PC067- Kissing Frogs (17.1Mb)
  106. PCMini37- Hall of Mirrors (10.4Mb)
  107. PC068- A Heretic By Degrees (30.9Mb)
  108. PC069- The Olverung (31.2Mb)
  109. PC070- The Dybbuk in the Bottle (39.1Mb)
  110. PC71- I'll Give In (21.9Mb)
  111. PC072- The Exit Sign (23Mb)
  112. PC073- Rapunzel (22.9Mb)
  113. PCMini38- Accounting for Dragons (5Mb)
  114. PC074- The Firemen's Fairy (36.3Mb)
  115. PCMini39- Carnival Park (6.8Mb)
  116. PCGiant- The Curandero and the Swede- A Tale from the 1001 American Nights (42.6Mb)
  117. PC75- The Man Who Carved Skulls (21.6Mb)
  118. PCMini40- Incubus (2.4Mb)
  119. PC76- The Small Door (34.5Mb)
  120. PC77- Nine Sundays in a Row (25.6Mb)
  121. PCMini41- East of Chula Vista (7Mb)
  122. PC78- The Tinyman and Caroline (37.4Mb)
  123. PCMini42- Change (5.3Mb)
  124. PC79- Marsh Gods (29.8Mb)
  125. PC80- Superhero Girl (12.6Mb)
  126. PCMini43- In Order to Conserve (4.8Mb)
  127. PC81- On Bookstores, Burners, and Origami (45.8Mb)
  128. PC82- The Twa Corbies (23.7Mb)
  129. PCMini44- Uchronia (2.2Mb)
  130. PC83- The Petrified Girl (24.1Mb)
  131. PC84- Restless In My Hand (32.4Mb)
  132. PCMetacast #3 (4.7Mb)
  133. PCMini45- When Shakko Did Not Lie (10.6Mb)
  134. PC85, Giant Episode- The Narcomancer (44.5Mb)
  135. PC86- Tio Gilberto and the Twenty-Seven Ghosts (24.3Mb)
  136. PC87- Narrative of a Beast's Life (37.4Mb)
  137. PC88- Another End of the Empire (24Mb)
  138. PCMiniature 46- Debris (5.7Mb)
  139. PC89- The Queen's Triplets (24.2Mb)
  140. PC90- Biographical Notes to “A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-planes” by Benjamin Rosenbaum (44.3Mb)
  141. PCMini47- Chinatown (6.5Mb)
  142. PC91- Three Days and Nights In Lord Darkdrake's Hall (22.2Mb)
  143. PC92- Sir Hereward and Mr. Fitz Go to War Again (53.6Mb)
  144. PC93, Giant Episode- The Mermaid's Tea Party (50.4Mb)
  145. PCReview 1- Unseen Academicals (5.3Mb)
  146. PC94- A Light in Troy (14Mb)
  147. PC95- Fulgurite (16Mb)
  148. PC96- Love Among the Talus (29.6Mb)
  149. PCMini48- An Invitation via Email (6.7Mb)
  150. PC97- Smokestacks Like the Arms of Gods (30Mb)
  151. PC98- Sun's East, Moon's West (30.5Mb)
  152. PC99- The Hag Queen's Curse (42.5Mb)
  153. PCMini49- Dead Letter (5.9Mb)
  154. PC100- Remembrance Is Something Like a House (22.6Mb)
  155. PC101- Kristin, with Caprice (19.6Mb)
  156. PC102- Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela (28.8Mb)
  157. PCMini50- Mario's Three Lives (5.5Mb)
  158. PC103- Attar of Roses (22.8Mb)
  159. PC104- The Dog King (23Mb)
  160. PC105- Honored Guest (34.7Mb)
  161. PC106- Little Gods (24.6Mb)
  162. PCReview 2- The City and the City (4.3Mb)
  163. PC107, Giant Episode- The Behold of the Eye (47.9Mb)
  164. PC108- The Goats are Going Places (21.7Mb)
  165. PC109, Bonus Episode- Watermark (10.2Mb)
  166. PC110- The Alchemist's Feather (24.1Mb)
  167. PCMini51- Jaguar Woman (5.8Mb)
  168. PC111- And Their Lips Rang With The Sun (29.6Mb)
  169. PC112- The Somnambulist (17.3Mb)
  170. PC113- Väinämöinen and the Singing Fish (25.1Mb)
  171. PCMini52- The Sphinx in Thebes (Massachusetts) (2.2Mb)
  172. PC114- Wolves Till the World Goes Down (23.7Mb)
  173. PC115- Monstrous Embrace (31.2Mb)
  174. PC116- Paper Cuts Scissors (37.3Mb)
  175. PC117- The Wages of Salt (31.1Mb)
  176. PCMini53- Charms (7.2Mb)
  177. PC118- Sugar (21Mb)
  178. PCMini54- A Spot of Bother, High Above the Undead Sea (2.7Mb)
  179. PC119- Bespoke (18Mb)
  180. PC120- Some Zombie Contingency Plans (fixed) (43Mb)
  181. PC121, Giant Episode- The Warlock and the Man of the Word (59Mb)
  182. PCPreview- The Native Star (11.9Mb)
  183. PC122- Kingspeaker (27.4Mb)
  184. PC123- Black Feather (27.7Mb)
  185. PC124- Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices (33.7Mb)
  186. PCReview 3- Merlin (3.7Mb)
  187. PC125- The Whistling Room (31.6Mb)
  188. PC126- Creature (28.9Mb)
  189. PCMini55- Ghost Market (7.1Mb)
  190. PC127- The Belated Burial (18.9Mb)
  191. PC128- Something Wicked This Way Plumbs (23.6Mb)
  192. PCMini56- The Masque of the Red Death (12.9Mb)
  193. PC129- Songdogs (31.2Mb)
  194. PC130- Chemical Magic (18.8Mb)
  195. PC131- Skatouioannis (18.1Mb)
  196. PC132- Flash Fiction Contest Extravaganza (16.1Mb)
  197. PC133- And the Blood of Dead Gods Shall Mark the Score (32.6Mb)
  198. PC134- Corinthians (22.2Mb)
  199. PCMini57- Apex (1.7Mb)
  200. PC135- California King (33.4Mb)
  201. PC136- The Christmas Mummy (20.6Mb)
  202. PC137- The Beautiful Coalwoman (24.5Mb)
  203. PC138- Balfour and Meriwether in the Adventure of the Emperor's Vengeance (38.1Mb)
  204. PC139- To Follow the Waves (30.8Mb)
  205. PC140- Terrible Ones (39.2Mb)
  206. PC141- The Bear in the Cable-Knit Sweater (24.8Mb)
  207. PCMini58- Before the Uprising (3.5Mb)
  208. PC142- Abandonware (27.5Mb)
  209. PC143- Hurt Me (38Mb)
  210. Happy Valentine's Day! The Curandero and the Swede- A Tale from the 1001 American Nights (42.6Mb)
  211. PC144- To Ride Beyond the Wide World's End (19.3Mb)
  212. PC145- Hart and Boot (33.9Mb)
  213. PCWants You! (1.4Mb)
  214. PCMini59- Rainmaker (3.1Mb)
  215. PC146, Giant Episode- The Surgeon's Tale (66.8Mb)
  216. PC147- Card Sharp (21.4Mb)
  217. PC148- State Change (29Mb)
  218. PCMini60- Cranberry Honey (3.9Mb)
  219. PC149- Honing Sebastian (22.4Mb)
  220. PC150- Mister Hadj's Sunset Ride (20.4Mb)
  221. PC151- Wizard's Apprentice (22.1Mb)
  222. PCMini61- The Jacob Miracle (3.9Mb)
  223. PC152- The Hortlak (48.6Mb)
  224. PC153- The Ghosts of New York (26.3Mb)
  225. PC154- Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Under the Still Waters (47.2Mb)
  226. PCMini62- The Transfiguration of Maria Luisa Ortega (3.6Mb)
  227. PC155- Tending the Mori Birds (12.1Mb)
  228. PC156- Household Spirits (29Mb)
  229. PC157- As Below, So Above (30Mb)
  230. PC158- Gone Daddy Gone (22.5Mb)
  231. PCSpotlight- The Dragon's Path (12.4Mb)
  232. PC159- Judgment of Swords and Souls (37.2Mb)
  233. PCSpecial- The Alphabet Quartet (A Primer) (14.4Mb)
  234. PC160- After October (32.7Mb)
  235. PC161- The Giant of Malheur Park (26.9Mb)
  236. PC162- Gods of the North (20.8Mb)
  237. PCMini- The Trouble in Leafy Green Street (2.4Mb)
  238. PC163- The Landholders No Longer Carry Swords (28.2Mb)
  239. PC164- A Hunter's Ode to His Bait (33.1Mb)
  240. PCMini64- Five Rules for Commuting to the Underworld (9.3Mb)
  241. PC165- The Paper Menagerie (25.1Mb)
  242. PCSpotlight- Welcome to Bordertown (22Mb)
  243. PC166- Stereogram of the Gray Fort, in the Days of Her Glory (29.7Mb)
  244. An Alphabet Quartet Update (This Time, in Audio) (1.2Mb)
  245. PCMini65- Blood Willows (7.9Mb)
  246. PC167- Portage (24.5Mb)
  247. PC168- Zauberschrift (28.8Mb)
  248. PC169- The Duke of Vertumn's Fingerling (29.9Mb)
  249. PC170- Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died (28.4Mb)
  250. PC171- The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories (31.4Mb)
  251. PC172- Doors (25.5Mb)
  252. PC173- Who in Mortal Chains (25.2Mb)
  253. PC174- The Parable of the Shower (22.4Mb)
  254. PC175, Giant Episode- El Regalo (65.9Mb)
  255. PC176- Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac (14.2Mb)
  256. PC177- The Fall of the House of Usher (41.9Mb)
  257. PC178, Giant Episode- Braiding the Ghosts (50Mb)
  258. PC179- The Gateway of the Monster (Featuring Carnacki) (38.1Mb)
  259. PCMini66- The Witch's Second Daughter (7.5Mb)
  260. PC180- We Were Wonder Scouts (27.9Mb)
  261. PC181- Still Small Voice (39.2Mb)
  262. PC182- 起狮,行礼 (Rising Lion - The Lion Bows) (27.8Mb)
  263. PC183- The God-Death of Halla (44.3Mb)
  264. PC184- Black Swan, White Swan (40.6Mb)
  265. PC185- This Strange Way of Dying (28.8Mb)
  266. PC186, Giant Episode- Beyond the Sea Gate of the Scholar Pirates of Sarskoe (61.6Mb)
  267. PC187- Ties of Silver (40.7Mb)
  268. PCSpotlight- Briarpatch (9Mb)
  269. PC188- The Ghost of Christmas Possible (41.1Mb)
  270. PC189- Limits (22.5Mb)
  271. PC190- A Window, Clear as a Mirror (29.1Mb)
  272. PC191- Balfour and Meriwether in The Vampire of Kabul (41.3Mb)
  273. PC192- The Interior of Mr. Bumblethorn's Coat (25.4Mb)
  274. PCMini67- The Madness of Andelsprutz (7.7Mb)
  275. PC193- Fruit Jar Drinkin', Cheatin' Heart Blues (23.9Mb)
  276. For Your Consideration- Award Eligible Stories Featured at PodCastle (3.3Mb)
  277. PC194- Their Changing Bodies (39Mb)
  278. PC195- Lavanya and Deepika (32.3Mb)
  279. PC196- The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman (16.7Mb)
  280. PC197- Destiny, With a Blackberry Sauce (17Mb)
  281. PC198- Urchins, While Swimming (23.3Mb)
  282. PC199- A Suitable Present for a Sorcerous Puppet (27Mb)
  283. PC200- In The Stacks (69.5Mb)
  284. PC201, Giant Episode- Golden City Far (65.9Mb)
  285. PC202- The Rugged Track (35.6Mb)
  286. PC203- Buried Eyes (48.9Mb)
  287. PC204- The Rowan Gentleman (33.1Mb)
  288. No PodCastle episode this week (3.4Mb)
  289. PCMini68- Machine Washable (6Mb)
  290. PC205- Outlander (41.4Mb)
  291. PC206- Another Word for Map is Faith (24.4Mb)
  292. PC207, Giant Episode- Hope Chest (42.3Mb)
  293. PC208, Fable From a Cage (46Mb)
  294. PCMini69- Wolves (5.9Mb)
  295. PC209- Lila the Werewolf (44.7Mb)
  296. PC210- Sittin' Round the Stewpot (14.8Mb)
  297. PCSpotlight- Throne of the Crescent Moon (14.2Mb)
  298. PC211- The Axiom of Choice (40.3Mb)
  299. PC212- Squonk and the Lake Monster (23Mb)
  300. PC213- Wane (40.6Mb)
  301. PC214- We Never Talk About My Brother (44.7Mb)
  302. PC215, Giant Episode- Ours is the Prettiest (49.4Mb)
  303. PCMini70- Accompaniment (3.8Mb)
  304. PC216- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Part 1 (24.2Mb)
  305. PC217- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Part 2 (35.7Mb)
  306. PC218- Insect Joy (27.9Mb)
  307. PC219- The Circle Harp (31.5Mb)
  308. PC220- Iron-Eyes and the Watered Down World (39.4Mb)
  309. PC221- A Hunter in Arin-Qin (53.9Mb)
  310. PC222- The Secret Beach (19.4Mb)
  311. PC223- Five Bullets on the Banks of the Sadji (19.5Mb)
  312. PC224- The Navigator and the Sky (42.3Mb)
  313. PC225, Giant Episode- The Cage (62Mb)
  314. PC226- Hand Of God (18.2Mb)
  315. PC227- The Yew's Embrace (17.5Mb)
  316. PC228- The Terror of Blue John Gap (37.3Mb)
  317. PCMini71- We Clever Jacks (6.6Mb)
  318. PC229- The Tonsor's Son (23.2Mb)
  319. PC230- Little Better Than a Beast (29.2Mb)
  320. PCMini72- The Best Worst Monster (7.6Mb)
  321. PC231- Unpossible (23.5Mb)
  322. PC232- Skulls in the Stars (22.9Mb)
  323. PCMini73- Sugar Skulls (5.8Mb)
  324. PC233- Study, For Solo Piano (24.6Mb)
  325. PC234, Giant Episode- The Tricks of London (54.7Mb)
  326. un cuento de hadas (17.1Mb)
  327. PC236- Architectural Constants (24.7Mb)
  328. PC237- Crossroads (15.7Mb)
  329. PCMini74- The Book (3.6Mb)
  330. PC238- Sleep and Wake (25.6Mb)
  331. PC239- Catching the Spirit (25.4Mb)
  332. PC240- Seeking Captain Random (24.5Mb)
  333. PC241- Everything You Were Looking For (23.8Mb)
  334. PC242, Giant Episode- A Memory of Wind (59.6Mb)
  335. PC243- Tiger in the BSE (12.1Mb)
  336. PC244- The Very Strange Weird of Endart Sscowth (15.7Mb)
  337. PC245- On the Acquisition of Phoenix Eggs (Variant) (38.6Mb)
  338. PCSpotlight- Ironskin, by Tina Connolly (17.4Mb)
  339. PC246- Where Virtue Lives (36.7Mb)
  340. PC247- The Three Feats of Agani (27.6Mb)
  341. PC248- Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All-Female Production of Waiting for Godot (20.3Mb)
  342. PC249- My Dignity in Scars (27.9Mb)
  343. PC250- Logic and Magic in the Time of the Boat Lift (32.8Mb)
  344. PC251- Throwing Stones (33Mb)
  345. PCMini75- Doctor Diablo Goes Through The Motions (10Mb)
  346. PC252- The Colors of the World (17Mb)
  347. PC253- Virtue's Ghosts (27.2Mb)
  348. PC254- Sundae (36Mb)
  349. PC255- The Medicine Woman of Talking Rock (22.5Mb)
  350. PC256- The Red Priest's Vigil (35.1Mb)
  351. PC257- The Queen and The Cambion (32.3Mb)
  352. PC258- The Discriminating Monster's Guide to the Perils of Princess Snatching (49.3Mb)
  353. PC259- The Great Zeppelin Heist of Oz (33.6Mb)
  354. PC260- Fine Flying Things (26.3Mb)
  355. PC261- Oracle Gretel (23.1Mb)
  356. PC262- The Dragonslayer of Merebarton (46.6Mb)
  357. PC263- Beyond the Shrinking World (38.8Mb)
  358. PCEpisode 264- Mermaid's Hook (22.9Mb)
  359. PC265- The Copperroof War (34.9Mb)
  360. PC266, Giant Episode- The House of Aunts (66.7Mb)
  361. PC267- Western Chow Mein Red Dawn (27.2Mb)
  362. PC268- The Phoenix on the Sword, featuring Conan the Barbarian (50.1Mb)
  363. PC269- Selected Program Notes From the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer (24.6Mb)
  364. PC270- The Secret of Calling Rabbits (27.3Mb)
  365. PC271- Nightfall in the Scent Garden (21Mb)
  366. PC272, Giant Episode- The Tree of Life (59.9Mb)
  367. PC273- Excision (35Mb)
  368. PC274- Far as You Can Go (29.6Mb)
  369. PC275- El Alma Perdida de Marguerite Espinoza (31.1Mb)
  370. PCMini76- Quiet Death Machines (4.2Mb)
  371. PC276- Juan Caceres in the Zapetero's Workshop (28.7Mb)
  372. PC277- A Hollow Play (40.3Mb)
  373. PC278- Nor the Moonlight (25.5Mb)
  374. PC279- Thorns (25.9Mb)
  375. PC280- The Devil and Tom Walker (26.8Mb)
  376. PC281- The Wanderer King (22.8Mb)
  377. EA Metacast, October 2013 (30.9Mb)
  378. PC282- The Sunshine Baron (31.2Mb)
  379. PC283- Right Turns (22.6Mb)
  380. PC284- The October Witch (15.8Mb)
  381. Escape Artists Metacast Update (2.5Mb)
  382. PC285- Dragonslayer (33.4Mb)
  383. PC286- The Calendar of Saints (24.6Mb)
  384. PCEpisode 287- Tiktok and the Nome King (12Mb)
  385. PCEpisode 288- Flash Fiction Contest Strikes Back! (13.3Mb)
  386. PCEpisode 289- Rumor of Wings (20.6Mb)
  387. PC290- Maxwell's Demon (30.4Mb)
  388. PCMini77- The Tome of Tourmaline (5.5Mb)
  389. PC291- Seasonal Disorder (21.2Mb)
  390. PC292, Giant Episode- Scry (50.3Mb)
  391. PC293- The High King Dreaming (23.1Mb)
  392. PCInterlude- Wing (Miniature 78) (8Mb)
  393. PC294- Sand Castles (39.5Mb)
  394. PC295- The Gunner's Mate (28.1Mb)
  395. PC296- Ill Met in Ulthar (Featuring Marla Mason) (38.2Mb)
  396. PC297- The Tower of the Elephant (Featuring Conan the Barbarian) (48.8Mb)
  397. PC298- The Shadowcrafter (27.3Mb)
  398. PC299- The Little Room (29.7Mb)
  399. PC300- Ilse, Who Saw Clearly (28.9Mb)
  400. PC301- In Metal, In Bone (25Mb)
  401. PC302- Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints (34.9Mb)
  402. PC303- The Wrong Foot (33.4Mb)
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  404. PC305- Heartless (25.6Mb)
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  419. PCEssay- We Have Always Fought- Challenging the "Woman, Cattle and Slaves" Narrative (23.5Mb)
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  422. PC322- Saving Bacon (37.4Mb)
  423. PC323- The Ascent of Unreason (30.3Mb)
  424. PC324- Without Faith, Without Law, Without Joy (29.8Mb)
  425. SPECIAL EDITION- PG Holyfield (1.7Mb)
  426. PC325- Down (26.9Mb)
  427. PCSpotlight- California Bones! (22.8Mb)
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  438. PCMini79- The Dolphin (4.9Mb)
  439. PC336- Why I Bought Satan Two Cokes on the Day I Graduated High School (37.3Mb)
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  454. PC348- Testimony of Samuel Frobisher Regarding Events on Her Majesty's Ship CONFIDENCE, 14-22 June, 1818, With Diagrams (31.4Mb)
  455. PCBonus Episode- Prospero's Last (23.5Mb)
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  465. PCMini83- Double Feature! Two by Nathaniel Lee (10.2Mb)
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  496. PC384- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Vintage PodCastle (45.3Mb)
  497. PC385- Where Monsters Dance (44.1Mb)
  498. EA Metacast, October 2015 (Part 1) (20.3Mb)
  499. EA Metacast, October 2015 (Part 2) (21Mb)
  500. EA Metacast, October 2015 (Part 3) (19.5Mb)
  501. PC386- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Ghostly Interludes (43Mb)
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  507. PC391- In the Rustle of Pages (27.8Mb)
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  550. PC430- Thundergod in Therapy (39.9Mb)
  551. PCMini89- Lapis Lazuli (13.3Mb)
  552. EP198a- Eugie Award Re-Post of Urchins, While Swimming (31.3Mb)
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  554. PC432- The Beautiful Bird Sits No Longer Singing in the Nest (33.6Mb)
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  557. PC434- The Ghost Years (30.1Mb)
  558. PC435- Bilingual, or Mouth to Mouth (41.6Mb)
  559. PC436- Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Elements (42.5Mb)
  560. PCMini91- Love Letters on the Nightmare Sea (13Mb)
  561. PC438- Defy The Grey Kings (46.5Mb)
  562. PC439- That Seriously Obnoxious Time I Was Stuck at Witch Rimelda's One Hundredth Birthday Party (33.4Mb)
  563. PCMini92- Chatter the Teeth (14.1Mb)
  564. PC440- The Jellyfish Collector (Aurealis Month) (35.5Mb)
  565. PC441- A Shot of Salt Water (Aurealis Month) (33.9Mb)
  566. PC442- Almost Days (Aurealis Month) (42.1Mb)
  567. PCMini93- Husk and Sheaf (Aurealis Month) (9.5Mb)
  568. PC443- Blueblood (Aurealis Month) (39.4Mb)
  569. PC444- The Giant's Lady (Aurealis Month) (40.7Mb)
  570. PC445- In Mixcoatl's Net (30.1Mb)
  571. PC446- The Rock in the Water (37.8Mb)
  572. PC447- It's a Wonderful Carol (26.3Mb)
  573. PCMini94- Further Arguments in Support of Yudah Cohen’s Proposal to Bluma Zilberman (12.2Mb)
  574. PC448- Shaina Rubin Keeps Her Head Under Circumstances Nobody Could Have Expected (40.8Mb)
  575. PC449- Piety, Prayer, Peacekeeper, Apocalypse (35.9Mb)
  576. PC450- Bonsai (24.1Mb)
  577. PC451- Or Be Forever Fallen (40.8Mb)
  578. PC452- Hibakusha (34.2Mb)
  579. EA Metacast, January 2017 (10.7Mb)
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  581. PCMini95- The Stories She Tells Herself (15Mb)
  582. PC454- Godfather (26Mb)
  583. PCMini96- Blackbird Pastry (16.7Mb)
  584. PC455- A Score of Roses (30.4Mb)
  585. PC456- Mateus Goes Higher (25.5Mb)
  586. PC457- Blade and Branch and Stone (65.2Mb)
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  591. PC462, ARTEMIS RISING- Stay (40Mb)
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  593. PC464- Needle Mouth (23.3Mb)
  594. PC465- Never Truly Yours (28.7Mb)
  595. PC466- Blood Stone Water (34.8Mb)
  596. PCMini97- When I Had Eyes, I Didn't See (15Mb)
  597. PC467- How I Became Coruscating Queen of All the Realms, Pierced the Obsidian Night, Destroyed a Legendary Sword, and Saved My Heart's True Love (39.2Mb)
  598. PC468- Sigrid Under the Mountain (34.1Mb)
  599. PC469- Ravana's Children (39.9Mb)
  600. PC470- The Thirty-Seven Faces of Tokh-Bathon (39.4Mb)
  601. PC471- The Chaos Village — Part 1 (39.9Mb)
  602. PCMini98- Traveling Mercies (13.9Mb)
  603. PC472- The Chaos Village — Part 2 (40.5Mb)
  604. PC473- The Wizard of 63rd Street (30.7Mb)
  605. PC474- Asymmetry (27.4Mb)

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